Below are listed our publications in international journals, conferences, and national and international proceedings.
"Structural Health Assessment And Vulnerability Analysis Of Reinforced Concrete Cooling Tower And Flue Gas Stack Of A Thermal Power Plant (Tpp): A Case Study." 
Castiglioni, C. A., et al. Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on protection of historical constructions–PROHITECH. 2017.
“A unified approach for fatigue detail categorization applied to rack structures”.
C. Souto, C. A. Castiglioni, A. Menghini, F. Morelli, A. Piscini, B. Hoffmeister, T. Geers, H. Degée, P. Tzintzos, O. Kraus, J. Frederiks, S. Sesana, M. Figueiredo, V. Gomes, J. Correia, A. de Jesus, Structures 56 (2023) 104948 56 (2023), 104948, 1 August 2023
“The EU-RFCS Project FASTCOLD (Fatigue Strength of Cold-formed Structural Steel Details)”
Castiglioni C.A., Menghini A., Proc. XXVIII CTA Conference, Francavilla a Mare, October 2022, pp.633-642
“Flessibilità e performance dell’acciaio Strutturale nelle Ristrutturazioni Complesse. Il progetto Costruttivo di un moderno edificio multifunzionale a Milano”
Rabuffetti A.S., Castiglioni C.A., Bacci A., Solari M., Torricelli S., Proc. XXVIII CTA Conference, Francavilla a Mare, October 2022, pp.3-10
“Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Application To The Structural Health Assessment Of Large Civil Engineering Structures”
Castiglioni C.A., Rabuffetti A.S., Chiarelli G.P., Brambilla G., Georgi J., Proceedings of Fifth International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of Environment, March 20-23, 2017
“Circular Hollow Section joint fabrication using laser cutting technology: Tolerance assessment”
Kanyilmaz A., Castiglioni C.A., Raso S., Valli A., Brugnoli  M., Galazzi A., Hojda R.,  6th International Symposium on Tubular Structures, Melbourne, Australia, Dec 2017
“Experimental Assessment of Tolerances for the fabrication of Laser-Cut Steel Joints”
Kanyilmaz A., Castiglioni C.A., Brambilla G., Gjoka K., Galazzi A., Raso S., Valli A., Brugnolli M., Hojda R., EUROSTEEL 2017, September 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark

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