Civil and Structural Engineering

FINCON is committed to promoting integrated structural design that fosters collaboration and coordination among professionals from different disciplines.

Recent Technologies and Expertise

We believe that reviewing traditional approaches in light of the latest technologies and expertise allows us to identify innovative solutions that best meet the economic and functional needs of our clients.

Our activities include:

Design, site supervision, and testing
Seismic retroffiting
Structural monitoring and specialist consulting
Geotechnical engineering
Fire safety engineering
Safety coordination (CSP/CSE)
Forensic engineering
Radon gas remediation interventions

We put our knowledge into practice in infrastructure design, residential and industrial buildings, structural redevelopment of existing structures, as well as in the design of industrial racking systems and self-supporting warehouses.


Advanced Analysis and Structural Design

FINCON uses finite element modeling software for advanced analysis and structural design, ensuring interoperability with projects in the BIM environment. We are able to identify effective design approaches, alternative to traditional ones, through the development of innovative products, in order to improve the cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and practicality of the design and construction process.

We are specialists in geotechnical works.

Our solutions are applied to excavation support and slope stability problems, special foundations, underwater excavations/navigation protections.We make use of advanced numerical modeling with specific calculation codes developed by us.

Design and specialized consultancy in infrastructure

The Infrastructure Department is responsible for design and specialized consultancy in the field of infrastructure.
We offer design services for pedestrian walkways and long-span bridges, as well as monitoring of existing infrastructure.

We also deal with

Architecture and landscape
FINCON operates in the field of landscape architecture, a discipline that encompasses the creation of both indoor and outdoor spaces of various scales, using a multidisciplinary methodology towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Research and Development
FINCON promotes interdisciplinary collaboration for innovative solutions, optimizing clients' economic and functional needs with advanced technologies.

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