Architecture and Landscape

FINCON operates in the field of landscape architecture, a discipline that encompasses the creation of spaces, both interior and exterior, of various dimensions, using a multidisciplinary methodology towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The areas in which we operate

We operate in the field of landscape architecture, which involves the design of outdoor or indoor spaces, considering the environment as an organic system composed of built and open spaces, nature and infrastructure, architecture and engineering, art, and experimentation.

We use a multidisciplinary approach and consider different scales during the design process. We offer services covering master planning, urban landscape, garden design, and civil and public architecture, following a design process divided into integrated phases.

Our activities include:

Design, site supervision, assistance during testing
Landscape report
Urbanistic analysis
Energy analysis and diagnosis
Preliminary verification of archaeological interest
3D renders and modeling
Illustrations and photo simulations
Forestry engineering
Survey and analysis of vegetation
Artistic direction


When designing public spaces, it is essential to prioritize both aesthetic appeal and community atmosphere for the residents who use them. Our team ensures this balance by meticulously considering technical aspects, quality details, and the well-being of people. Environmental studies of natural areas, urban and rural areas, and industrial areas.
We design Residential Buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Offices, Public/Commercial Buildings, Industrial Buildings, and Sports Centers with the goal of minimizing negative impact on nature by using ecological materials and striving to achieve the lowest possible energy consumption.
Living in close contact with nature has become an increasingly urgent need. Garden design projects seek emotions and utilize the expertise of our professionals to transform the gray corners of urban cement into "unexpected gardens."

We also deal with

Civil and Structural Engineering
FINCON is committed to promoting integrated structural design that fosters collaboration and coordination among professionals from different disciplines.
Research and Development
FINCON promotes interdisciplinary collaboration for innovative solutions, optimizing clients' economic and functional needs with advanced technologies.

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