Centrale idroelettrica sull’Adda

Concessione di cui alla D.D. n° 2622 del 18/09/2008 per derivare acqua ad uso idroelettrico dal Fiume Adda. Collaudo Tecnico e amministrativo della centrale idroelettrica.

Servizi svolti


Fara Gera d’Adda (BG)
Civil Engineering
Provincia di Bergamo; Adda Energi SRL

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Our services

Civil Engineering
We operate in the field of structures, infrastructure, new and existing civil works, promoting an integrated approach and coordinating professionals from various disciplines
Architecture and Landscape
We operate within disciplines that involve the creation of spaces, both interior and exterior, of various sizes, using multidisciplinary methodologies focused on sustainability, the environment, and biodiversity
Research and Development
We provide consultancy on research projects funded by the private industry, coordinate and/or participate in projects funded by the EU, such as HORIZON and RFCS